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Don’t follow in my footsteps, run in front of me and forge your way with a smile

There are 3 people I love more than anything in my life. My husband and my 2 girls. And what I want more than anything is to be able to give my girls the best example of life so that they can not ‘follow in my footsteps’ but leap beyond and bound into the fullest life they can possibly live.

They are perfect. One is 12 turning 13 (I will call her Lex – not her real name) and one is 1, turning 2 closer to the end of this year (I will call her Little One – basically her real name in our house!).

Lex is the most amazing little human. She is full of pre-teen angst and there are days when I feel like I could just run away but she has a heart of gold, wants to help the world and is a genuinely amazing person. She had a rough start in life for reasons beyond anyone’s control but has rallied and looking at her today, no one would ever imagine the struggles she has been through!

She set herself a goal to get into the top 10 in her grade nearly 4 years ago. Last year she finally got there! She decided she wanted to play soccer so she got her school to start a girls soccer team. She wanted to read books that were ‘beyond her grade’ so she got her teacher to change the library policy so that she could read the books she wanted to read and not be stuck with ones supposedly on the average grade level for her age!

When she wants something, she makes it happen. And I could not be prouder of what she has achieved.

The Little One is 15 months old now. She is a livewire. She runs around from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep. She barely even naps in the day!

She has started talking in bits and pieces and words like Nah and Yeah and common for her all the time. She does also have things like “1, 2, threeeeeeee” where she then expects to be picked up and thrown up in the air!

She also knows what chocolate is and is super close to saying the word!!! I know there are a million people wringing at the thought of a 15 month old eating chocolate but sometimes we do not all have it all together to be doing organic, grain fed, ultra pasteurized, no sugar, salt free and and and…

She is beautiful in every way. She smiles ALL the time. She loves people. She loves hot wheels cars. She loves balls. She LOVES it outside. She loves swimming and water. But most of all she loves Baby Shark and “I like to move it move it” from Madagascar!

These 2 girls are the most amazing little humans and all I want is to be better for them.

I want to listen to Lex telling me about her day and her lessons and her friends. I want to hear what the world is like from her perspective. I want to be able to see the world through those “I can do anything” eyes of hers!

As Little One gets bigger, I want the same with her. I want to see the world through those big beautiful smiley eyes. I want to hear about the world through her innocent unprejudiced voice. I want to see the joy through her eyes that keeps that beautiful smile on her face!

For all of this, I need time. Time to be away from the shackles of my own negative thoughts and time to be away from the stress of work and time to be in the moment with them.

And that, again after a lengthy intro, brings me to the next high level goal:

Spend more time listening to my kids

"Be here. Be present. Wherever you are, be there" Willie Nelson

This might not seem the same as spending time with them but it is more than that. I do not just want to be in the room with them. I want to be present enough to LISTEN…

I am working on this more and more!!! I cant quantify this that much but its something that I feel I am doing more and more. I catch myself wondering at times and try and stop, focus and LISTEN. I want to be present.

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